Our expert staff coupled with well-developed strategic partners allows ADRIDEN Global to provide individuals, groups and organizations with a training curriculum in the fields of intelligence, security and law enforcement. As members of advisory committees at major educational institutions, our staff has been instrumental in the creation and development of academic curriculum within the field of Criminal Justice. We have trained thousands of law enforcement, first responder, intelligence and private sector individuals and organizations in a variety of subject matters. ADRIDEN Global can arrange a specific curriculum to meet your individual or organizational needs from beginner to expert.

Any of our programs/courses can be conducted at your premises around the world. These programs can be tailored for your whole organization or suited as a "Train-the-Trainer" program. Our programs are designed to help you increase your profitability, protect your personnel and physical assets, and reduce risks of litigation through specialized training in an ever increasing dangerous world. Please contact us for a private consultation so that we may discuss how ADRIDEN Global can tailor a training curriculum which meets your operational, security, intelligence and awareness needs.

Training courses include:

  • Counterterrorism
  • Counterintelligence
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Human Trafficking
  • Foreign Travel Security
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Human Intelligence Development & Operation
  • Law Enforcement/Police Tactical Training
  • Surveillance & Countersurveillance





Identifying and Disrupting the Pathway to Radicalization


The recent Boston Marathon Bombing and the attack on the commercial mall in Kenya underscores a growing and deadly trend in the U.S. and the world—“Homegrown” Violent Extremists (HVE) who are influenced and radicalized in the U.S. and Western countries by foreign elements and groups utilizing the internet, social media, direct contact and other means. In the decade since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, there have been numerous successful and disrupted “Homegrown” violent extremist terrorist attacks and plots inside the U.S. and overseas. This has become the “new face” of terrorism that we will confront now and in the future. Our 1 and 2 day courses cover the following topics and will prepare law enforcement officers, military officials, first responders and civilian authorities to identify, recognize and disrupt the pathway to radicalization that is THE key element in the ability of Homegrown Violent Extremists to form, radicalize, train and carry out terrorist attacks inside the U.S. and other Western countries. 

  • Current Threat Assessment and Overview of Recent Attacks
  • Islam and the Radical Ideology that Drives HVE's
  • Phases of Radicalization (U.S. and Western Countries)
  • Pathways to Radicalization: HVE's and First Generation Immigrants
  • Radicalization (U.S. and Western Countries): Case Studies
  • Disrupting the Pathway to Radicalization



For Law Enforcement Officers, Military Intelligence and
Special Operations Elements


In the last decade, the threat from radical extremists based in the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia has grown significantly. These terrorist acts and violent activities are focused on U.S. and Western targets, business interests, military and government entities and local populations. The most effective, surgical, and cost-effective measure to counter this threat is the development of good human intelligence sources within these violent extremist groups who can report on the identities, plans and intentions of the groups and their operatives. This is a skill set that is rare and unique in this world— and is based on years of street-level experience, coupled with in-depth religious, cultural and political knowledge of the various extremist groups, their training methods, ideologies, target decks, and radicalization and recruitment processes. Our course instructors have 40+ years of on-the-ground experience in HUMINT operations against radical terrorist groups. This course is the cornerstone of ADRIDEN Global’s HUMINT Training program.

  • Overview: Current Situation in the Arab World
  • Overview: Islam
  • Overview: Al-Qaida Current Threat and Capabilities
  • Overview: Hezbollah Current Threat and Capabilities
  • Overview: Homegrown Foreign Terrorists
  • Arab/Middle East Culture
  • Operational Security and Counter-Intelligence Factors
  • Recruitment Cycle



An Operational Guide for Law Enforcement Officers,
Military and First Responders


The existing tensions between the U.S. and Iran, and the continuing prospect of a military strike against Iranian targets, may cause a dramatic increase in the threat of Iranian sponsored terrorism in the United States. This course is designed primarily for law enforcement officers, military officers and operators, and first responders who may encounter a threat from Iranian or Hezbollah operatives in the U.S., or who may have responsibilities for Iran and Hezbollah investigations and intelligence within their areas of responsibility. The course provides in-depth strategic, tactical, cultural and analytical review of the current situation between the U.S. and Iran and its implications for local law enforcement, military, first responders, and civilian support organizations in the event of conflict between Iran and the West.

  • Iranian Threat to U.S.
  • History and Geography
  • Islam
  • Iranian Worldview
  • Cultural Traits and Behavior
  • Government of Iran
  • WMD Issues
  • State Sponsored Terrorism
  • MOIS (Iranian Intelligence Organization)
  • IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps)
  • Iran and Hezbollah
  • Iranian and Hezbollah Operations in the U.S.
  • Countering Operations in the U.S.


If you wish to obtain additional information or to schedule courses for your department or organization, please feel free to email us or call us.



Loss Prevention & Accident Prevention

ADRIDEN Global is a firm believer that a highly trained and professional security staff will reduce your shrinkage, risk of litigation and increase the profitability of your corporation. Today's loss prevention professionals must be prepared to deal with Organized Retail Crime (ORC) elements. In addition to our Loss Prevention Investigations, our investigators have a proven track record of providing training to major retail chains, merchants associations and shopping centers in reducing and mitigating their losses caused by internal and external theft, ORC, claims of false arrest and unnecessary use of force and on-site accidents. Our client-tailored programs cover the following areas and can be suited to meet your needs:

  • Basic & Advanced Principles of Loss Prevention
  • Deterrence as means of reducing shrinkage
  • Basic and Advanced Report Writing
  • Legal Training on Applicable Criminal, Civil Laws & Powers of Arrest
  • Use of Force: Self Defense and Subject Detention Procedures
  • Subject Interview Techniques
  • Chain of Custody: Evidence Collection & Preservation
  • Accident Prevention & Response
  • Dishonest Employee/Vendor Characteristics
  • Customer Service as part of Loss Prevention